Container & Tank Systems

Since the takeover of the production plant in Hohenmölsen/Saxony-Anhalt (former "Adam Tank- und Apparatebau"), the range of services of Schulz & Berger GmbH includes not only air technology but also tank and tank system construction.

Cylindrical steel storage tanks

Single-walled and Double-walled Vertical Storage Tanks

with DIBt Certifications Z-38.11-238, Z-38.12-263 and Z-38.12-272

Double-walled Pressure Vessels made of Stainless Steel

with bottom spout and DIBt Certification Z-38.14-258

Tanks-, Small Tanks- and Private Comsuption Facilities

Specially equiped tanks for fuel (e.g. diesel)

Special Tanks

Vessels and apparatus in variable designs made of carbon and alloyed steels

  • Containers for the pressure less storage of liquids
  • Pressure vessel certified to DGRL
  • Process engineering apparatus (adsorbers, filters, stirring vessels)
  • Tanks for energy management/heat supply (condensate tanks, buffer tanks)

Tank Sumps and Tank Sump Collars

They are designed for underground storage tanks. They enable the detection and elimination of losses and prevent the penetration of groundwater and waterlogging, according to DIN 6626.

We manufacture and deliver

Tanks for above and below ground for the pressure less storage of polluting, flammable and non-flammable liquids, single and double-walled, in horizontal and vertical installation, with quality mark RAL-RG 998, based on:

  • DIN 6608 (DIN EN 12285-1) – Capacity from 1,000 to 100,000 Liter
  • DIN 6616 (DIN EN 12285-2) – Capacity from 1,000 to 100,000 Liter
  • DIN 6623 – Capacity from 600 to 950 Liter
  • DIN 6624 – Capacity from 1,000 to 5,000 Liter

Quality assurance from Schulz and Berger

Due to our membership in the Gütegemeinschaft Lagerbehälter e.V., WHG approval, approval according to the Pressure Equipment Directive RL97/23/EG / AD2000-Merkblatt, the regular production inspection by the TÜV groups, as well as our expertise available on site, we can assure our customers the accustomed quality and reliability that they would expect.

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