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SBV 1200 – An air circulation module
for the reduction of viruses, germs and bacteria

Air Curtain Protection

The air circulation module SBV 1200 is designed for public spaces with a high volume of people, such as supermarkets, restaurants, schools or trade fairs. It is suspended or elevated approx. 2.50m above the floor and can therefore be placed variably in any location.

The decisive advantage over conventional systems is the suction of contaminated air upwards and the corresponding ventilation of the persons below in a downwardly direction.

The module is ready to plug in and can be controlled by the end user without any further installation effort. During operation, the ambient air is sucked in from all sides in the upper area and cleaned of coarse dust and fibers via a large-area pre-filter.

The decisive step in air purification is the passage through the 1,220 x 1,220 mm H14 filter (Hepa filter). This large filter surface makes it possible to clean a large amount of air and at the same time increase the service life of the filter.

A completely even airflow speed under the air circulation module is guaranteed by a laminarizer. This laminarizer is optional fully illuminated by means of integrated and dimmable LED lamps and provides pleasant workplace lighting. Custom printing (Logos etc.) of the surface according to customer requirements is also possible.

Another special feature of the SBV 1200 is the air curtain at the front of the module. Via a further supporting fan, a partial air flow of the total air volume is used to create a blocking curtain. This is done via a blow nozzle, in which the partial air stream is bundled and forced outwards with a blowing speed of 4-6m/s, also via the H14 (Hepa) filter. This air curtain additionally shields the person under the module and reliably prevents droplet infection from person to person.

The complete control system is safeguarded by a specially developed circuit board. All filters and fans are permanently monitored to ensure trouble-free operation. The current air flow is measured by various pressure sensors and, if necessary, readjusted fully automatically. The display shows all operating conditions. A malfunction is visualized optically via the integrated LED lighting and gives the end user the opportunity to react immediately. All technical information, additional options and prices can be found in our technical data sheet.

Product Film:
SBV 1200 – The circulating air module for reduction of viruses, germs and bacteria

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